Friday, October 26, 2007

2. deal or no deal?

ok so here's our situation. We once had a deal with a major... for like 5 minutes... but majors do this funny thing where they dont really mean what they say, so that was gone, BUT the major still offered us some kind of "deal." It's called a singles deal. We've been negotiating it for the past few weeks now. What happens here is... the label pays us to own one of our songs (in this case "these are the nights") and agrees to put it to radio in the first quarter of 2008. If they like what's going on with us and the song and whatever else at the time, they have the option to follow through with the rest of the contract and pick us up as an artist. They get a certain amount of time to make this decision. If they decide against it, we walk away and we get our song back. Seems like a win/win kinda right? We would rerecord and remix the song right after we sign... Sooooo unless another label prez decides to jump in with a sweeter deal, this is the route we will be taking to further our band's career.

Adam (songwriter) is coming back over tomorrow for the weekend to write some more. We might post a demo of one of the first songs we wrote together in the near future.

I have a serious addiction to those Linden's cookies that come in packs of three. I'm thinking about jogging around the block but it's getting cold.

decisions decisions...

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