Sunday, October 28, 2007

4. Halloween Partiage


Sean and I just got back from a halloween party and some bars. I was Scuba Steve and he was a dalmatian (3rd year in a row). It was a fun night. We're both going to be hurtin tomorrow so please dont call and wake us up.

We've been chatting with a bunch of the members on thedailychorus. It's fun. I recommend you check out that site

So I don't write much of the music (besides the bass parts) but I must say, Seans new creations are sounding amazing. I can't wait to hit the studio. A few of the tracks are demo'd out. Hopefully in the next week or so, we'll post them up and see what you all think...

Aight, it's 5:18am and I need to go to bed now or else I'll never see daylight tomorrow.

Happy Halloween Y'all


Anonymous said...

Who played drums for the demos?

Andrew said...

you guys need to come back to michigan. i'd love to bring you here.

Gregory said...

the drums on the demos were made in protools till we find our new drummer!

Anonymous said...

list of things to do:

- stalk Making April's blogs.

hahaa.. just like you said!