Monday, October 29, 2007

5. Come on, come on

Today was rough. Definitely a little hung-over from last night but it was still worth it. Some how Sean managed to make it into the city (nyc) to record a demo with Adam Richman. We jammed the song all week and it's unreal. So our lawyer and good friend Daniel R Friedman, who likes to be referred to as "the show", called us this morning and asked us to record it asap. Apparently he will be meeting with another label tomorrow in NYC and they're expecting new music from us. Thus we're keeping our fingers crossed that the new song is what they're looking for. We'll keep you updated;)

Soon we're going to start searching for a new drummer. So if you happen to have anyone in mind, don't hesitate to let us know. We'll give more details shortly!

So I'm addicted to a bunch of websites that I check like 10 times a day. One of them is because their top 10 daily videos are always solid. Here are two funny ones from today that you need to watch...

We'll be chillin at the Urban Outfitters on the lower east side of Manhattan tomorrow if anyone wants to say hello. Ok I'm out.


ps i have this song stuck in my head... its called "Come on" check it

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Matt said...

Looking for a drummer? What do I have to do to try out? I've been a huge fan of you guys for a while, and if I could play with you... or even audition for you... WOW. Hit me up.

Matt (