Monday, February 11, 2008

91. behind the scenes

last night we were scared.  it was 3am and we still didnt have a theme for our photoshoot.  then out of no where sean nailed it...

so we woke up extremely early to hunt down a cello, violin and a conductors batton.  luckily we found a place in the city that rented all three.  while steve scrambled to pick them up, sean and i hit urban outfitters for some last minute ideas.  we got to the studio around 1:30 to get all smoothed over by our cute little makeup artist.  soon after that we let tomaas (photographer) go to work.  4 hours later we were done.  next money we'll have the finished products.  in the mean time, check out the behind the scenes pics that our friend kurt took.

thank you to kurt, jeanna, rian, and ben for the help!

also, next sunday we are going to finally be back on our webcam!  we're thinking about playing wide awake acoustic... any thoughts?

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