Friday, February 15, 2008

94. eleven days till single

well this is a change of pace for me... i'm actually waking up at this time (7:30AM) as opposed to being on my way to bed. it feels odd having a full day ahead of me, as mine usually starts late in the afternoon... today is the first day of practice with our touring guitar player. he plays in Foreverinmotion, but he's gonna hang for three weeks while we make him do things he will surely regret. he will dance and sing and sign autographs on my behalf. people have mistaken us for brothers in the past. anyway, i'm psyched to start rockin out (softly).

i'm going to beat both of these points to death until this month is over... our NEW SINGLE, "These are the Nights" (new version) is available on iTunes on FEBRUARY 26th of this month. cast your loving vote for 99 cents. you won't regret it! and we've got constantly updating tour dates so make this site ( or the front of our myspace a daily checkup!

das ittttt... for this minute


Jacob said...

i'm excited :)

Robert said...

I cant not much people read this! :O Dont stop writing, even if like two people read it >.>

jacob said...

robert, for some reason they aren't updating their blogspot anymore, but they're still updating their blog on myspace.