Wednesday, March 19, 2008

95. Piano Key Contest

click the picture to find out the juicy details...

aside from this nifty little contest, we've been jammin everyday all day. brendon has most of the guitar parts down but still learning the harmonies. i just made the best organic spinach & cheese raviolis... except i didnt make enough and im still hungry. we got word that our slap bracelets are going to be a few days late:/ so the first few tour dates will be braceletless. i like triscuits and cheddar cheese. if anyone needs a gift to bring me on tour, please make it that<3

do you remember typing in 55378008 into a calculator then turning it upside down? miss those days.


was del paxton real?

ps check that little counter at the top of our myspace. i think its choreographed to the time on your computer. so if you turn your clock ahead, maybe youll get the single sooner?

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