Wednesday, March 19, 2008

101. sick dalmations

sorry we haven't been keeping up with the blogs on the road. it's been nearly impossible! we have to load into the venues so early every day and then by the time we get out it's so late... then we sleep a little and do it all over again. there's been strains of sickness running rampant through the tour. i got sick a few days ago and thought i was finally coming off of it until last night in kentucky. by the third song my voice was blown out. i could barely speak the rest of the night. now we're in chicago and our plan is to play a chilled out acoustic set. i'm hoping i can do that much. i apologize in advance for my inabilities for the next few days. our single is now for sale on itunes and amazon so spread the word!

i'll try and keep u posted.


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