Wednesday, March 19, 2008

102. drive through wisconsin

last night we played chicago.. it was awesome. minus the fact that sean was sick, we still got to play for 375 kids. then we'd a sweet hotel in the downtown area for only 80 bucks. today we're off to madison wisconsin to play at the loft. so far more than half of the shows have been sold out so get your tickets in advance if you are coming to a future show!! besides all that business, i think sean is starting to a feel a bit better, so we'll be able to play nearly a full set tonight.

secondhands bus is fun to chill on... we really need a bus:) might have to kick in tour support for next tour but i highly doubt we can justify a bus just yet. (in fact i know we cant). but anyway, i gotta pack up my laptop and head into the venue. see you soooon


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