Wednesday, March 19, 2008

105. Detroit Rock City

We are on our way to Detroit right now. I'm sitting in the back of the van. This mobile internet is great. Greg is passed out next to me and sean is at the wheel. The weather has been horrible for the last few days. The roads have been covered in snow. This morning we finally managed to get our van stuck and had to push it out. Sean got his jeans destroyed from the mud that splattered from the back tire. So happy that wasnt me. We are looking forward to tonights show. Something about it just feels good. I cant quite explain it. We are also looking forward to our hometown show on friday night in new york city. I cant wait to see all of our friends and family. The fact that it sold out is exciting too : ) Well thats it for now. Talk to you all very soon. Much love from the MA tour van.


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