Wednesday, March 19, 2008

96. full version posted

so it turns out we could have posted the full version of "These Are The Nights" from day one... apparently Universal's policy is that developing artists can post the full version of a song until its sold 250k units. as of now the song has sold 0 units, so we're good to go!

today was stressful but fun... it was fun because we secured a drummer for our upcoming tour. his name is bryan. so when you see him at the show, say hello then call him out for being awkwardly taller than the rest of us;) brendon has one more day of practice with us then hes headed back up north to play some shows with his own band. in the mean time, we'll be jammin with bryan and getting all of the merch sorted/sized.

amazing food of the day: butternut squash soup (even better when dad is paying)


ps if anyone wants to challenge me in scrabulous on facebook... bring it on. just search for making april then challenge mee. im currently addicted

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