Wednesday, March 19, 2008

103. headed to nashville

hello hello. i'm coming to u from the back seat of our tour van. i hear faint relient k coming from the front as we cruise to nashville. i'm extra-pumped for this show cuz i almost have my voice back and i hear the venue is amazing. last night we played columbus, ohio and it was the first time i could sorta sing in over a week. flu fucked my shit up big time. all of the bands went out to a place called lodge bar after the show. it's fun going out on tour cuz everywhere you look there's people from your crew. the night was capped off with everybody packing into the van and riding for pizza. one of the very few perks of not having a bus is the ability to go get food when you're hungry.

hope to see you guys out at the shoooooooows!


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