Thursday, January 3, 2008

61. carolina's rain

today i used my 100 gift certificate to whole foods and bought a ton of edible crap.

greg left for florida so now i'm officially alone in this house for a week.

my ipod nano is broken and i just got it for christmas... i'll be returning it for another when i wake up.

i just set back up my digital piano to mess around with one of rookie of the year's new songs. i'm in love w/ this demo they have and they're letting me put some fun orchestral sounds in to see if i can enhance what's there. they're recording a new cd in feb and i think and i might go down for a few days to hang.

i felt the urge to buy a skinny pink tie on ebay so i did.

greg thinks we should make neon green snap bracelets for our online store and future shows. i dig...

my nextel contract is over in a month... what's the best phone/plan to get next?


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