Wednesday, January 2, 2008

60. so this is the new year...

...and i dont feel any different. no that's not true i feel rejuvenated. i feel ready to take '08 on like the little bitch that it is. i'm gonna own '08... and i'm bringing you all with me.

i've been having songwriter withdrawal for the past couple of weeks. my digital piano hasn't been in my house and my real piano is growing more out of tune every passing day. i haven't even put a musical thought together since i can remember. our studio week(s) and the holidays have drained us all, but i'm psyched to get into the swing again.

steve leaves for utah today for a big snowboarding trip with kurt and company and greg goes to florida in a couple of days. i'm gonna be all alone for like a week! and i pretty much have no other friends so this could get depressing. plus the music industry has been off since before christmas and probably wont start working again till monday. it's been really dead!

but my new years eve was good and i hope all of you had a good time as well...

here's a cool jack's mannequin video... i'm excited for his next work.


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