Thursday, January 24, 2008

78. touring = lack of snoring

the first batch of our upcoming tour dates...

Feb 23 2008 5:30P
@ICC Church w/Secondhand Serenade Allston, MA
Feb 24 2008 6:00P
@The Loft w/Secondhand Serenade Poughkeepsie, NY
Feb 25 2008 8:00P
@Jammin’ Java w/Secondhand Serenade Vienna, VA
Feb 26 2008 7:00P
@Knitting Factory w/Secondhand Serenade New York, NY
Feb 28 2008 6:00P
@Mr. Smalls Theatre w/Secondhand Serenade Millvale, PA
Mar 1 2008 6:00P
@Subterranean w/Secondhand Serenade Chicago, IL
Mar 2 2008 6:00P
@The Loft w/Secondhand Serenade Madison, WI
Mar 3 2008 7:00P
@Creepy Crawl w/Secondhand Serenade St. Louis, MO


the first leg of the tour goes from Feb 23 - Mar 16th. so we started ordering a ton of new merch. ~ fresh designs and slick styles... i promise you nothing less ~ ~

adam came over today. we practiced Wide Awake atleast 35 times while he sat and nitpicked at every aspect of our performance in an attempt to achieve perfection. the song sounds amazing; now all we need is a drummer to come on tour with us. i guess we should probably start looking;) if you know any amazing drummers, send them our way.
tomorrow we are getting a plush new carpet installed in the warroom. exciting right?



Anonymous said...

why don't you ask chad again? ;)

Making April said...

haha i'm sure he's busy with his own massive band!