Tuesday, January 22, 2008

76. bag it

thanks for all of the suggested locations for us to tour, but on this tour we have no control of location. we will get a list of tentative dates in the near future and that is where we will be! hopefully it all works out...

today i was at the gym watching "deal or no deal" on the treadmill in closed captioning. one of the shows had 9 million dollar cases. i didn't get to see the ending though... there were a lot of amusing [ AUDIENCE GROANS ] and [ CROWD CHEERS ] subtitles.

somebody is selling an old signed picture of us on ebay... very funny to us...

ebay auction

and steve's girlfriend made us some bags out of our shirts... some are just one shirt and some are two shirt reversible. we're gonna sell em on the road.

das it

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