Saturday, January 5, 2008

63. poor girl

tonight my friend chris and i did the townie bar hop. a drink at each of 3 local "hot" spots. at one of the bars it was us two and the bartender. it was beyond excitement... however the end of the night held some slight entertainment. we were at a diner w/ some girls in which one of them was passed out on the table. her friends were making onion rings into hair ties and abusing her w/ condiments. being a light weight is very dangerous around here.

now i crave snapple raspberry white tea and we dont have any. so i will sleep it off.

tomorrow's got the same forecast written all over it. see you then!

ps. somebody we know thought up an interesting game called fantasy bar hopping. you draft people from your town who you're most likely to see at the local bar/establishment and get points for them being there and more points for acknowledgments. devise your own custom rules, draft yourself a townie, and go hoppin.

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