Sunday, December 2, 2007

39. sega + d-cross

So I'm chillin with my boy Sega (coolest name ever) winding down after a freezing night in nyc. My face might fall off. Earlier today sean and i were in the studio wrapping up the mixing to "So Bad". The song sounds pretty solid, so i think theres a good chance we'll be posting it. Afterwards we went out for pizza (the first of 3 pizza meals today) then sat around my bros apartment waiting to go out. We bar hopped for awhile, ran into David Cross (IMDB him), spent a ton of money on beer ($6 a beer in nyc) then ended up at the diner around 3am. I think sean ate 4lbs of cheese in the last 8 years yet some how he always has abs! <--bastard

Tomorrow we're hittin urban outfitters to return some jeans then back home to get ready for this live acoustic webshow at 9pm. So don't forget! Be here and be ready to make some passionate love. 9pm Eastern Standard Time

Stay sexy,

PS i own a shiba inu as my nintendog on my little ds. his name is pumpski. ok seriously stay fresh

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