Sunday, December 23, 2007

57. eve eve

went to the mall again yesterday... second biggest in the country, the palisades. parking was an absolute nightmare. i was with my sister and her friends and we got nothing done. the mall kiosk people were extremely annoying, but i let one of them straighten my hair cuz she was cute... apparently that straightener doesn't damage your hair... great.

went out and drank too much... i didn't even mean to, but now i hurt.

and yes egg yolks do have the cholesterol, but cholesterol is misunderstood. just cuz u eat it, doesn't mean it's the bad stuff that is clogging up your veins. there's so many other goodies in the yolk... i can't explain it cuz i don't get it... but peeps say that whole eggs are good so i believe them.

tomorrow's my last shot at getting gifts... i'm gonna make a list!


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