Friday, December 21, 2007

55. dont drop the yolk!

i was in deep slumber on my couch upstairs until i was woken up by the faint chatter of greg talking to bendeth about the mix being done. so i came down to listen, but the file was three and a half minutes of silence... anti-climatic as some would say.

today i tagged along w/ greg all day while he shopped and i tried figuring out what i was going to shop for. i'm going to take that quest tomorrow at some point. we went with our friend chris who just came back from australia... he was there for 5 months sleeping in a tent in the wild... the kids a nut... he hunts snakes and stuff...

oh wait now we have a file... and it's friggin awesome. yeah... i'm not sure when we're allowed to post this or make it available... we'll keep you in the loop. now we gotta go back to the studio for one last day and make some tweaks tomorrow. that's all i got.

egg yolks aren't bad for u

check yas,

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