Friday, December 7, 2007

43. chicken catchatori

i've been trying to start this blog for the last hour but i've been wasting my time watching episodes of I Love New York. this show is so bad but somehow im addicted to it in this very moment. earlier tonight we had seans family over to celebrate his bday (2 weeks belated). we then proceeded to eat a giant chocolate chip cookie.

over the past few months i noticed that i was taking the band for granted. ever since i graduated college, i've been blessed not to have to work a real job. unfortunately waking up everyday without a set direction/goal can grow old quite quickly. so recently i started applying for jobs. i feel that if i work throughout the week, i won't be as bored and i'll appreciate my time with the band much more; maybe ill even learn some discipline. i always had internships with bristol myers-squibb (pharmaceutical company) throughout high school and college but i didn't really enjoy it there.... i have a bunch of contacts in the music industry but i wouldn't mind working in the interactive media world. i'm not really sure what that means, but it sounds cool and i hear theres money in it. im a bit of a computer nerd, so anything digital will probably work.

ill keep you updated when i finally choose a direction. till then, we start in the studio on monday with the man, the myth, the legend.... mr. david bendeth. i'll definitely be webcaming live from inside the control room, so be ready:)

night kids

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Beccabiscuit3 said...

HAHA well happy beleded b-day to him!! Hope things are going good and YAY we all get web cam action that will be amazing...and don't worry everyone feels lazy every now and then when they have nothing really to do. I know I do lol. Good luck in the studio!!