Wednesday, December 19, 2007

54. mix that shhh...!

alright so maybe i've tainted the name daily blog... but you shouldn't take everything we say so literally! geesh... anyway... we finished up recording the single in the studio today. we all went home feeling really great about the track. dave mixes it tomorrow and we get to hear the final product. these last 3 days have been vital. it was like we smeared glue all over the song and everything just sealed up really nicely. i hope people actually play it. now i have to figure out what i'm supposed to buy people for christmas.

thank u nikki and lisa for the holiday card!
and thanks nurseda for the absurd amount of steak today!

the studio had this Adam's Family pinball machine that we all became addicted to. now i'm in the market for one for the house. congrats to greg for attaining the band high score for the week.

what should we do for new years????

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