Monday, December 3, 2007

39a. back to the future

so tonight was our first attempt at a live webconcert. some of you may have expierenced technical difficulties... i apologize for these. it turns out we were streaming the video at too high of a rate. after further testing, we may have solved the problem. also, the sound was missing for the first half of roses and butterflies... this is because i forgot to turn the sound on. my badd yall.

with all the problems aside, jump in sounded pretty good. so expect that in the future.

prior to the webjam (i call it something different every time), we had a sweet turkey dinner over at seans aunts. his cousins kelsey and kaitlyn are the shit (they paid me to say that) and the stuffing turned out amazing. apparently its made from hot dog buns, french onion soup, and some other random vegetables. i normally hate stuffing but if u ever get your hands on aunt colleens recipe, i highly reccommend it.

ok ill stop here since sean is writing too.


ps Mystery is the new fad
greg is an idiot and skipped 38... therefore we will not call upon 40 prematurely, but give 39 twice the fame. f*** 38 i guess.

i find it very odd when the web cam gets to be delayed about 4 or 5 minutes. it's like we're living in the future and nobody else knows what's going to happen until they catch up to us, but even then they've never caught up... we're always miles ahead in our own world. it feels as if talking or doing anything is just pointless because by the time you hear the words that i've said, they just dont matter anymore. every time i would think to say something i would look at the camera, see myself 4 minutes ago and think, "oh crap they can't even hear me cuz we're in the future"... but the truth was... soon you'd hear me... soon you would hear everything.


kefir anyone? sean

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