Saturday, December 8, 2007

+44. CONFIRMED!... i think.

i know we've been dragging this out for a little while now, but it's finally become real to us. starting monday (for about a week) we will be recording "these are the nights" over again so it can sound pretty for the radio. we've got a million different ideas for what to do with it. it may only transform a little, maybe a lot... if you end up saying "i like the old one better," then it's a good thing you have the old one to listen to!! ;) since we are without a drummer, we will be using the drummer from breaking benjamin to play on the track. the kid is nasty (good). we will also get the privilege to watch two string players from the new york symphony orchestra play over the song. watching is awesome in the studio... especially when you're watching good things happen to your song. all of this pretty much came together tonight, two days before recording, in typical 'making april' procrastinative fashion (that's not a word but i've got poetic license)... anyway, i'm going to practice up my piano skills... see what i can add to this endeavor.

wish us luck!


Anonymous said...

wow, sounds great! chad szeliga is an awesome drummer.

calla! said...

Oh man! That's going to be awesome. I love "These are the nights", can't wait for the new version. Have fun recording!

Matt (rununderthebrdge - AIM) said...

How would one go about contacting to you to drum???