Sunday, November 4, 2007

11. bring on the work week

i hate weekends at the moment cuz there's less shot at getting any type of good music/band news. everybody important or with something good/bad to say (besides you lovers) only says it during the week... so with no job and only the band to work on, the days mean no difference to me... so i'd rather it be a week day. last night in NYC greg got a drink at the bar that was mint chocolate chip flavored. it was pretty snazzy. today i started demoing out a song we've been playing on the road called 'so bad'. i'm doing it with some nyu recording students for a school project of theirs. so far so good... we'll keep you posted. this might be the earliest i've gone to bed in years, but i'm spent. and we've already missed a daily blog yesterday. i knew we couldn't keep this up!

k this one was lame, but i'm tired.
bye. sean

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