Monday, November 12, 2007

18. much thanx

i can't begin to thank you all enough for the mass amount of positive feedback on the new song, even if you just came by to give it a listen. it's amazing to know that whether we put music out on a label or independently, it will be received with such loyal support. THANK YOU!!<3!!

(yes we know that wrongest isn't a word, but songwriting gives you "poetic license." this means the power to change the english language however you see fit. hanson made up mmmbop and we all took that quite nicely.)

i spent all day in nyc working on another demo. i've explained this before, but i'm working with a couple of NYU recording students on a "class project" that involves them finding a band and recording a song. we thank them for reaching out to us! it's an acoustic version of a song we've been playing on tour called "So Bad." A few of you have heard it before and have asked us to record and post it... so... we shall! this will be the last demo that we put up for you guys before we release something FULL. today we worked with 3 string players (violin, viola, cello)(those are actually their names)(no not really) who came in on less than a week's notice and learned their parts TODAY! it was an awesome experience. i'm excited for the final product. the song has a very organic, intimate feel so far. all that is left is for me to sing and for it to be mixed. hopefully we can have it up before mid-december?

anyhoo... next time you order pizza, have them heat it up and then put extra COLD mozzarella on top afterwards. i learned this when i visited a friend at oneonta. the contrast is amazing.

tell friends to subscribe to our daily blog... we're gonna start making them interesting soon with vids and pix and stuff!


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