Sunday, November 25, 2007

31. house of loud studio

today we went to jersey to "house of loud" studio to take a little tour and converse with mr. bendeth. this will soon be our stomping ground for a few days while we record "these are the nights." the place was a fricken labyrinth, and i think greg is gonna be able to find some fun things to do while we're all hard at work ;). we listened to some sick paramore, red jumpsuit, and breaking benjamin beats to try and figure out what kind of sounds we're going for in the instrumentation. we need a sick nasty drummer to play on the track, a couple of symphony string players, and a grand piano which rests at a neighboring studio. it's going to be a nice little journey but the finish looks bright. i have to wake up bright and early (1pm) for the giants game, which means i could be passed out for this live chat steve and greg have planned out. if you have any questions just wake me up and i will come down and answer them for you!

Giants 27, Vikings 13
(adrian peterson rushes for less than 95 yards)


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