Saturday, November 17, 2007

23. six six six

that's my p.o. box... 666. and now myspace is allowing us to have 6 songs on our profile so we posted up "all of yours" for the time being. and my high school football number was 6... and hopefully i'll be in bed by 6.

oh joy another commute to nyc and back. i finished up vocals on another demo... it sounds pretty good. if the mix comes out awesome then we'll post it. if it's not as good as it should be then we might just wait for the real thing. i hate posting demos cuz then everyone claims that the newer one isn't as good and that's usually the wrong answer. you just got used to the old crappier one and don't accpet change. change is good, especially when the change IS good. anyway, i'm rambling because there's nothing going on in our lives at the moment. now I'M bored in the house alone w/ nothing but sleep to look forward to. so i'm going to put my headphones on and jam out for a bit cuz that's all i can do to be productive... just keep writing. otherwise we're just waiting... these label folk make you wait a lot, so when it comes to the point when it's not time to wait anymore, you'd better be ready with something!! so i'm gonna go get ready.

maybe we'll bring the camera out tomorrow night.
Sunday: Giants 31 Lions 10

love sean

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