Sunday, November 18, 2007

24. frog legs

so i'm currently residing at 88 second avenue in nyc aka my older brothers apartment. ive spent the last two nights here going out with his friends. it's fun because you never have any idea who you are going to meet... as opposed to back home (the suburbs), you know exactly what youre going to get every time you go to the local bars. there fore, im an advocate for this random saying i heard, "the suburbs are no place for someone who's single." the suburbs are great for everything else though! <=completely random rant

im not sure if have any band news to report. i talked to our lawyer Friedman earlier tonight and he had me send over my resume. im thinkin about working part time for a record label in the city since we have so much down time. it would be nice to get out of the house a couple of days out of the week until we're touring full time again.

ok i think thats all. i drank responsibly 2 nights in a row so this blog should be coherant.. if not, bite me<3


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