Friday, November 16, 2007

22. easy does it

so we got the producer we wanted. he's done some amazing things, so we have high hopes for recording with him next month. i'll let you know more on monday after we finalize the details and know exactly when its all goin down!

today was pretty gross out. rainwindycoldness... it sucked. sean woke up around 530pm then went to sleep at 1130pm. how's that even possible? not to mention steve had to work tonight (he works part time at one of donald trumps golf courses driving some sweet cars). so basically i had the place to myself which can get extremely boring! after watching 4 episodes of Run's House and practicing my bass lesson from earlier today, i think im going to head to bed.


ps i think we're going to be in nyc tomorrow night (friday) so expect a miserable sean blog shortly after. (he hates going to the city with a passion)

pps we have two new shirts being produced now. they should be up in our online store late next week... just in time for xmas;)

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Matt said...

How do you only stay up for 6 hours and then sleep again???