Friday, November 23, 2007

29. blue fish bubble gum

definitely over-ate! every thanksgiving i eat wayyy too much but it was worth it. so steve and i were thinking... this sunday (the 25th) at 9pm EST we are going to stream a live webcast from our house. we dont have any plans for it yet but we just want to hang out with you all. so this sunday, just come to our myspace and the video feed with chatroom will located at the top of our page. you can type whatever you want in the chatroom while we make fools of ourselves on the camera : )

im at the jersey shore right now watching sportscenter over and over again because i lost the remote. prior to sportscenter i watched mean girls... good old lindsey lohan. i guess youre supposed to be worthless on thanksgiving but im ready to get out of here and get back into the daily grind. im going to go grab some more bagel chips and hummus then im off to bed.

see you sunday

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