Tuesday, November 6, 2007

12. i hate nyc

we have to go into the city tomorrow for some kind of "friendster" conference thingy. friendster is a site that competes with myspace and facebook for internet social networking. apparently they like us and they are going to help promote us and we're gonna promote them somehow and we're gonna be buddy buddies. i'm so sick of commuting to nyc... if i had to do that daily i'd be a very unhappy human. while preparing for the next "making april" release, whenever it shall be, steve and i will be writing and recording quirky, stupid (but great) songs for you to love or hate. they will be done under a different name and we'll have that site up soon.

THEORY: there's no way that we (man kind) have figured out exactly how long it takes the earth to travel around the sun and therefore our seasons are gradually shifting one way or another because of the slight error... i think probably in the direction that makes it colder later.

night night: sean

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paige said...

i love nyc