Tuesday, November 20, 2007

26. twenty-three

i just turned 23. birthdays are now officially not cool. i think next year i'm going to start at 21 again. although i am excited for the cookie cake this weekend... it's been a while since i've indulged.

our router is broken and we've all been sharing this one computer to get online. it's been hell but we get a new one tomorrow. we did a little live web cast thingy yesterday, which was cool as hell. we're going to schedule a couple of acoustic songs to be played on there in the near future... should be fun. the flashflashrevolution.com people keep hooking us up with all this cool crap before they take it to a larger scale. we're their little beta testers and it's awesome! thanks guys. we just have to figure out how to stop the mic from peaking when i sing too loud. there are layers of tape over the holes but it still peaks! we might have to tone down the performance.

i think that's it... i'm hoping this work week brings some kind of decent news but probably not since it's thanksgiving. turkey is sweet.



Anthea said...

Happy Birthday! =)

DEREK said...

twentythree by yellowcard is an awesome song
twenty four by switchfoot is amazing as well...
if you haven't already, check those 2 out!!