Monday, November 26, 2007

32. grilled cheese sandwiches

tonight was crazy. we never expected so many people to check out our webchat. at one point we had 700 users in the chat room and over 5,000 users viewing the webcam. we'll definitely have to make some changes though. the quality will be improved and we'll try to slow down the chat room so its easier to hear everyone out! also we'll test some music in it this week so we can rock an acoustic song or two next Sunday.

so i bought a new stapler today. i also got an assortment of neon staples to go with it. the everyday low price from wal-mart came to $13.11 including the 7.375% ny sales tax. kind of expensive but if you saw this stapler you'd understand. tomorrow i have physical therapy for my shoulder. i think i screwed it up when i was a wrestler jock in high school. oh well, PT is fun... you just lay there and get massaged. life could be worse.

ok im out this

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