Monday, November 19, 2007

25. K-BAGS

friday night:
alright... so i go out to this bar in a neighboring town of ours with a few friends (johana, kristen, and elise) and steve. we get there early so we actually claim a table for the night, which is usually unheard of for us. steve's girlfriend (jeanna) met us there and we all decide to play a game of quick draw. that's the lotto game that goes off every minute in the bar and ends at midnight. it's 11:57 and we get our games in right before it all ends. steve and his gf share a game and i play one with johana and kristen. i win nothing... steve and his gf win 275$!!!!! WTF!! lucky bastards. so they leave w/ their winnings and i stick around.

anyway... later i'm waiting in line for the bathroom and this dude is taking forever... so when a girl comes out of the girls br, i go in. (there's nobody else in line at this point and they're both 1 man bathrooms anyway). i get out of the bathroom and this girl (who i think is cute) gives me this ridiculous attitude about using the girls bathroom. i sarcastically tell her that it's ok cuz i put the seat down but she was still giving me 'tude. i was furious but she had already entered the bathroom so i couldn't plead my case at that point. anyway, later in the night i see her come out of the MENS BATHROOM!!! oh it was now my time to get it on. i go up to this girl and confront her about the whole thing, and she tells me to stop pointing at her and walks past me, not listening to a word i have to say!!! SO ANGRY!!! (and drunk). by the end of the night i find this girl again and she's settled down. she's asking me why she's supposed to be nice and telling me i'm an a-hole. i'm really hating her but i'm still attracted to her and i'm still arguing. then her stupid boyfriend comes up and takes a hold of her w/o saying a word to me. he was the lead singer of the BAD cover band that played BAD songs earlier in the night. so i told them both to check out my band when they got home and i left the bar.

now it's 6:30 in the morning and i'm eating eggs... what a surprise.

loves you alls,


Alex said...

HAHA that's so funny! and weird...

you guys better post "so bad" soon!!! i've had it stuck in my head for the past month!

Anonymous said...

hahaa.. interesting friday night you had! i'm curious to know if they did check you guys out!

Dan said...

Sean, he will be jelous if he checks out Making April after.

All the best,

Loving the new tune,


Making April said...

haha thanks guys... so bad might be coming soon. december probably