Thursday, November 22, 2007

28. Happy Thanksgiving

hey all. steve here. its 330 am and thats really late for me. sean and greg are night owls. not me. i just got home from a night out on the town. the night before thanksgiving is widely known as the biggest bar night of the year. so i went out and saw a lot of my friends from high school. it was really fun.

so this is the time of year we are supposed to give thanks. im thankful for a lot of things. my health, family, friends, and my charming good looks. but i also want give thanks to all of YOU. all of you who listen to our music. all of you who spread the word about our music. from the bottom of our means the world to us. we couldnt do it without you. so thank you.

im off to bed now. im sure there are a ton of spelling/grammar mistakes in this blog and you can all make fun of me tomorrow. i hope everyone has a safe and healthy thanksgiving : )

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